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Bronte Spicer

It's Okay to Cry - paperback version

It's Okay to Cry - paperback version

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If you’re experiencing depression and feel exhausted from living a never-ending cycle of talk therapy, medication and shuffling from one psychologist to the next, this book is for you. When you feel like you’ve “tried everything”, It’s Okay To Cry offers a heartfelt, practical way to let go and dissolve your depression using a ground-breaking body-based approach to mental health.

After 20 years of trying every option our mental health system had to offer, Bronte Spicer believed she would live with depression forever. It wasn’t until she found a set of advanced mindfulness techniques, backed by modern neuroscience, that she realised she had been stuck in depression because she had not been feeling her feelings within her body.

Today, Bronte is a Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator and offers herself as a gentle mentor who effortlessly interweaves her lived experience of depression with a practical and accessible guide for how to live freely—and just be human.

Now more than ever, we need tools that work to support and improve mental health. And body-based services have long been the missing, yet integral, part of a holistic mind-body approach to dissolving depression. It’s Okay to Cry provides a profound insight into how living with depression can look and feel and shines a light on how taking a body-based approach can change your life.

"A beautiful guide into compassionate inquiry and deep feeling." - Lael Stone.

"This may be the most valuable and important book I have ever purchased!" - Charlotte W.

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